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President's Message:

President’s Message – August 2022

Finding New Meaning in Mexico Have you ever worried about finding retirement boring? How about looking for some Yiddishkeit in a Catholic country like Mexico? Do you worry you will never make new friends as close as those you left

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President’s Message – September 2020

Welcome to the New Year About this time every year, I would hunt for the just-right New Year’s cards that expressed my hopes and good wishes for friends and family.  Some cards were simple and modern, others came from Israel

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President’s Message-August 2020

President’s Message – August 2020 Dear Friends,  I am pleased to tell you much has been happening at LCJC, under the cover of Zoom.  You probably have been unable to see how beautiful the synagogue grounds are looking despite having

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President’s Message-June 1, 2020

WHAT WE CAN DO WHEN, G*D WILLING, WE ARE ABLE TO RESUME SERVICES Maureen Sullivan, President It is almost June and things are changing.  Businesses and religious organization have slowly started the process of reopening their doors with new policies

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President’s Message – May 2020

President’s Message- May 2020 A Cure for Social Isolation: Shabbat What are you doing to observe Shabbat?  For the past three Fridays, several of us joined together to celebrate Shabbat on Zoom.  Each sitting in front of a computer, lighting our own

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President’s Message – March 23,2020

PAST, PRESENT AND FUTUREMaureen SullivanPresident PAST:  Didn’t we have a grand time celebrating Purim!?!  Thanks to Diane Pearl and her creative buddies, we turned out some amazingly beautiful masks, leaving the floor covered in sparkles, feathers and paint.  We glued,

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Vice President's Message:

Vice-President’s Message April, 2020

Vice-Presidents’s Message Susana Greenberg,Retired Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified In 1964 Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are a-Changin”. Never has that been truer than in this year of 2020. As a member of the shul and a medical professional

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Message from our Vice President

A Message from Vice President, Susana Greenberg Shul Membership  A building representing Judaism Common belief system A presence in the community Services Friday night and Saturday morning A leader for services Torah and all the trappings  Celebration of holidays together

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Message from Our Vice President-April 2019

Shalom! My name is Susana Greenberg and I have been elected your 2019 Vice President. As part of my duties I have been given the responsibility for overseeing the LCJCAC website and Bulletin. I am excited to announce that we

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Treasurer's Two Cents:

Treasurer’s Two Cents- September 2020

Thank you, Betty Shiffman and Patti Glasner, for helping me staff the Membership Renewal Drive By events.  Between in person renewals and renewals via the website, we are halfway to our membership goal.  That means there are many of you

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Treasurer’s Report-November 2019

The Tresurer’s Two Cents For the past three months I have been working on getting the signers changed on our main bank account.  This isn’t an easy job in the US and I was forewarned it was even more difficult

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Treasurer’s Two Centavos-September 2019

Treasurer’s Two Centavos Since my last article, we have put on a new roof, cleaned and sealed the aljibe, replaced the water treatment tanks and filters, and replaced the old, leaky propane tank.  The funds for all of this came

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Treasurer’s Report – May 2019

The Treasurer’s Dos Centavos As your new treasurer, I have spent the last six weeks getting to know the congregation’s recordkeeping, budget, income and expenditures.  I have moved the bookkeeping from excel spreadsheets to Quick Books and met with the

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