A Message from Vice President, Susana Greenberg

Shul Membership 

A building representing Judaism

Common belief system

A presence in the community

Services Friday night and Saturday morning

A leader for services

Torah and all the trappings 

Celebration of holidays together

Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries 



Social action

Funerals – Shiva




And if you are not a member you still get all of the above! 

But….it has long been a custom of the Jews to support each other, to keep us safe, to come together in time of need. We can’t keep the temple open, the Service Leader employed, the light bill paid unless you support the shul which is the center of social activities. You don’t need to be religious; you don’t need to keep kosher; you don’t need to step foot inside the shul but we do need your support so we will be here when you do need us. We just had a new roof put on, new propane tank replaced, new water filtration system, created a beautiful garden area and built a handsome memorial board.  We are receiving a new Torah in October, so we plan to be around for a very very long time. We want you to be around as well. 

Come when you want, when you need. We will be here for you. We need your support in the form of money. Yes, blatantly asking for money. This happens in every shul the world over about this time. LCJC has never really pushed membership but now we are. If we are to sustain ourselves, we need help. We want your knowledge, your skills, and some of your money. We know our tribe has a vast knowledge of information and a phenomenal skill set that got you through life. Please join us in keeping Lakeside Jewry alive and making our little shul a vital link in the chain of Jewish survival. 

Our membership social is on Sunday, September 8- 2:00 to 4:00pm. Come to shul to enjoy an ice cream Sundae and to join or renew your membership and schmooze.  

If you are unable to come that day, we will come to you!  Send us an email at LCJCAC@gmail.com to make arrangements. 

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