Vice-Presidents's Message

Susana Greenberg,
Retired Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified

In 1964 Bob Dylan sang “The Times They Are a-Changin”. Never has that been truer than in this year of 2020. As a member of the shul and a medical professional I am urging each member to act on two issues-

1) Sign up with Lake Chapala Society Reaching Out Program. They have recruited over 80 volunteers who are mobilized and ready to reach out to members, especially those who live alone, have no family in the area and want to be contacted daily.
This service has now been extended to the community at large. If you are not a member please become a part of this expat community. We are going to need to be isolated for quite a while and this is a resource for your continued socialization and sanity in this time of uncertainty.

Register at:   HERE

2) The second action I implore all members to do is to review the YouTube video about how to deal with the grocery shopping we need to do.  This virus that is here in our town is not the flu. No one has immunity to it. I cannot stress enough that precautions need to be taken. When you view this video, some may scoff at the efforts we now must do to be safe. It’s overkill some may say. Let me assure you, it is not. We are in unchartered territory. Precautions must be taken.

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