The Treasurer’s Dos Centavos

As your new treasurer, I have spent the last six weeks getting to know the congregation’s recordkeeping, budget, income and expenditures.  I have moved the bookkeeping from excel spreadsheets to Quick Books and met with the congregation’s Mexican equivalent of a CPA regarding communication, payroll and government reporting.

In taking over this office, I have heard many requests for transparency.  That is a word more easily said than understood. The congregation’s financial information belongs to the members of the congregation.  Therefore, I will answer any questions you have with the exception of which congregants paid how much in dues and or donations requested to be kept confidential. I am happy to provide totals, but I won’t invade personal privacy.

The Jewish Film Festival netted approximately $100,000 pesos.  The board voted to donate 18% or chai to Days for Girls, a local charity helping young women with sanitary supplies so they can attend school the entire month.

The Purim Festival netted approximately $2,000 pesos.  It was a truly fun event. If you missed it, you really missed something, so try to come next year.

At the end of March, the congregation had revenues over expenses of approximately $100,000 pesos.  This will erode as the year goes on, as our next influx of revenue won’t happen until dues are paid again in August and September.

Robin Hayden