Maureen Sullivan, President

It is almost June and things are changing. 

Businesses and religious organization have slowly started the process of reopening their doors with new policies and procedures to keep people safe. There are no diagnosed COVID Lakeside. There are three in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, over the hill from us. So, keep wearing masks and washing hands and only go out for essentials. 

The shul has come a long way in a few short months and should be proud of our ability to pivot on a dime and keep weekly services going – albeit virtual.

I’ll bet if you went back to the middle of January and imagined all that we would do in a few short months you probably wouldn’t even believe it!

Yet here we are and finding ourselves hopefully coming out on the other side of this pandemic.

This pandemic came fast and will end a bit slower, but it will eventually be gone.

Things We Managed So Far

  1. Employee Policies
    We are fortunate to be able to pay full salaries to our gardeners, housekeeper, and maintenance crew.  In addition, with the help of Neal Hayden, we finished the new Torah safe and upgraded our security system.
  1. Technology Use
    What would we have done without technology during this pandemic?
    Technology literally saved our shul in ways that many couldn’t even imagine!
    When, in early April, the Board of Directors realized we had to cancel the upcoming seder, we had no idea we would be able to manage all the plagues (biblical, of course) via our computers. Then Zoom zoomed into our lives just in time for the first seder. Thank you, Maureen Davis and David Rosett for all the work invested to make Pesach by getting us gefilte fish and singing Hadgadya
  1. Board Participation
    For instance, each board member took on the challenge of reaching by phone, if possible, or by email, every member of the shul. Our goal was to make certain members were getting along well and to see if there was anything we could do to help in a needed situation.  FYI all are OK and the few who were having a problem are now well cared for.
  1. El Shofar
    Lucky for us, Susana Greenberg has continued her dedication to putting out weekly notices and monthly newsletters. We hope you participated in sending in photos of your grandchildren to be enjoyed by the rest of the congregation. We all have some wonderful looking progeny.  Next month, get ready to submit photos of your beloved pets.  We want to see them too.
  1. Virtual Shabbat Services
    Regular Friday night services have been a weekly reminder of how fulfilling it is to light candles together.  Seeing each other’s faces and saying prayers is a most heartwarming way to begin the Sabbath.  People from near and far have joined us in welcoming the Shabbat. As per request, we now begin the zoom session at 6:30 pm those who want to schmooze a little can do so for the half hour before services begin.  Many, many thanks to David Rosett and Debi Buckland for keeping us up to date and educated on the parsha. David has also been doing an exceptional job leading Saturday morning service at 10:00 am.  Last week he led a special service for our Spanish speaking members.
    If you have yet to do so, I encourage you to Zoom in to either or both services.  Should you have questions about using Zoom, please contact me at mopo@comcast.net .
  1. Unplanned events
    Despite urgent time requirements, we were able to provide a short but meaningful burial service for our beloved Jack Kruger, may he rest in peace.
  1. Safe Reentry and Social Distancing Guidelines
    Religious groups are taking different approaches to safely reopen their doors.
    Our Board of Directors will create reopening guidelines for our shul and use them as a working document as the weeks and months go by.
    Try to stay flexible and adjust as needs change. We will attempt to take time now to create a document that captures all that was learned through this pandemic. The documentation of this historical event will serve as a starting point for the need to pivot – should something like this ever happen again.
    Until we are once again able to share our lives in person,

    Be well, Maureen Sullivan


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