The Tresurer's Two Cents

For the past three months I have been working on getting the signers changed on our main bank account.  This isn’t an easy job in the US and I was forewarned it was even more difficult here in Mexico. The bank is treating this change as if we were opening a brand new account which, of course, we aren’t.  It required not only the personal identification and proof of address of the four executive committee members who will be the new signers, but certified copies of the Constitution and protocolized minutes of the annual general meeting, proof of address, identification numbers and a new required electronic signature number from the Mexican tax authority for the Congregation.  

Pulling all of this together required getting a certified copy of the deed for the building, changing the name on the CFE account, the TeleCable account and correcting the owner address on the property tax documents.  Then each board member named on the translated and protocalized Annual General Meeting minutes from last March had to provide their legal names and RFC numbers. Once we had all of that, our accountant, Sonia Guerra, had to take the information to Guadalajara and apply for the electronic signature number.  I am happy to report, we are now the proud recipients of the electronic signature number. And the signer change request we began in early August can move to final approval…I hope.

The other item that has taken a good deal of time and effort was getting the taxes and fees paid on the cemetery.  I have gotten to know the contents of the file cabinet in the synagogue office intimately. I am so thankful for all the prior board members who filed our important documents there.  After three trips to Ixtlahaucan de los Membrillos, the taxes and fees are up do date on the cemetery. Our attorney, Azucena Bateman was instrumental in helping me deal with the clerk in Ixtlahaucan de los Membrillos and arriving at the correct amount of taxes and fees we needed to pay.

The membership social was a really fun event and I am very thankful for all who renewed their memberships there.  We currently have 61 paid members and five more are promising to renew or join. I love hearing people say how warm and rejuvenated the synagogue feels.  I am thrilled to see the membership numbers grow and to enjoy the company of more of our community. My heart swelled at the sight of a full house for High Holy Days.  Now, more than ever, we need to find comfort in our own community.

The Simchat Torah festivities and receiving the new Torah on loan to us from Congregation B’er Chayim was outstanding.  Many thanks to Jan Braverman and her committee for arranging the loan of the Torah and planning a very special community event to welcome both the Torah and the Maryland Rabbi and congregants who accompanied it to Ajijic.

I am always happy to answer any financial questions you may have regarding the synagogue.  I will be working on the 2020 budget and closing out the books for 2019 over the next 3 months or so.

Robin Hayden, Treasurer


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