Welcoming Shabbat

We invite all congregants to join us on Zoom Friday night at 7PM Shabbat. 

The October 30 Service will be led by Ellen Siegel

 Please join us at URL:


Meeting ID: 728 4233 5826
Password: ZoomRoom

The zoom room will be open at 6:50 PM for kibitzing pleasure.

Zoom etiquette

It’s not easy hearing what someone is saying when there are people talking at the same time, so we are requesting everyone to adhere to the following guidelines-

Please put your speaker on mute when not talking to the  group because we can hear everything you say in your home. 

Raise your hand when you want to talk, and the leader will call on you. (Just like in school!)

If you need to contact someone in the group, use private chat. 

Here is the order of the service:

The Leader will do a check in with everyone attending. 

Shabbat song
Candle blessing* 
Mishberach with Psalm 121, reading of names and song. 
Wine blessing*
Challah blessing*

*If you would like to do one of the blessings for the coming Friday night, please contact Debi Buckland at dcbuckland@gmail.com

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