Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation

Purim is one of the most joyous holidays in the Jewish religion. And fun was had by all at the annual Purim event held last Wednesday March 20th. 

Maureen Sullivan and I tried a new and different format that brought people together by having them participate instead of watch a Purim spiel. It worked!

Each group had a portion of the Megillah. They were quick thinkers and acted it out creatively .

The event couldn’t of happened without the many volunteers who assisted in decorating, making signs, serving food and bringing extra costumes. 

Lastly, we all enjoyed a delicious Mexican  dinner .

Set your calendar now so you don’t miss next year’s Purim event!

Randy Greene Mundi 

Randy Greene Mundi
Lay Rabbi David Rosett
Left to right: Rob Gagnon, Andy Mundy, Joe Gottesman
Far right: Susana Greenberg