Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation

A Community Seder was held on the first night of Pesach at the Mannix Restaurant. It was a huge success! Sixty eight LCJC members and thirty four guests from the Jewish community at large attended.  Lay Rabbi David Rosett led the service after a warm welcome from Maureen Davis, who chaired and organized the event.  The meal consisted of a choice of a beef, chicken or vegetarian main course after a delicious matzoh ball soup and a miraculous chopped chicken liver.  So far as anyone knows, everyone made it out of Egypt that night. A big thank you to the committee members: Helena Feldstein for her delicious Charoses; Maureen and Michael Sullivan, Jim Stroup and Helena Feldstein for set up and check-in; Patti Glasner, Laura Gale, and Andy Greene and Randy Mundi for clean up

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