Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation

Annual Community Passover Seder

Save the Date! Wednesday, April 5 Manix RestaurantOcampo 57, Ajijic Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation to hold Annual Community Passover Seder Check in starts at 5pm with the Seder beginning promptly at 6pm  Reservations must be made and paid for no later than Friday, March 22nd. The cost for the Seder is 700 pesos for members and […]

Service Schedule

Service Schedule First Saturday of the Month- LIVE First and Third Friday of the Month- Zoom Second Saturday of the Month- Talkin Torah Zoom Second and Fourth Friday of the Month- LIVE with potluck

David’s Corner – September 5, 2002

You Man Think You are a Big Shot You may think you’re a big shot in battle When you’ve captured a beautiful woman And that she is yours to possess immediately But don’t even consider it. Instead, take her into your household, Change her captive’s clothes to clean ones, Pedicure and manicure her,  So she […]

David’s Corner – August 22, 2022

One God of Israel, yes. Polytheist Canaanites, no. Follow only the laws of the One God Smash all altars to pagan gods And destroy any Canaanite who builds one. Eat nothing that is abhorrent, because  It reflects  the disgusting unholy diet of Canaanites. (For a complete list consult a priest) Don’t let the Levites go hungry […]

David’s Corner – August 15, 2022

Moses said: Fear Adonai, not your enemies. Your enemies lack laws and practices That can serve a society. They are focused only on their wicked ways,  So Adonai will help you destroy them, No matter that they greatly outnumber you. Be disciplined and focus instead on keeping The laws and commandments that Adonai has given you. […]

David’s Corner – August 8, 2022

Moses Connects With His People And Moses let down his guard as he spoke To his people in his own voice: I feel your frustration and I must tell you I too I have experienced that feeling, For I have wanted badly to join the young generation In Canaan. I wanted the Lord to rescind […]

David’s Corner – August 1, 2022

Moses begins his review I,  Moses, now speak directly to my people To remind them of all that has transpired Since the Exodus And what now is expected of them. Do not make the same mistake The last generation made, When they refused Adonai’s command To take the Land promised to them. That refusal resulted […]

Sundaes on Sunday!

Join us for Sundaes on Sunday! September 4, 2022. Renew your membership and make sundaes!

David’s Corner – July 25, 2022

Watch what you vow! According to the Torah If you’re a man, every vow you make, shall stand. If you are a young woman, still in your father’s house, Your father can object on the day he finds out, and  the vow shall not stand.This is not a policy based on sexism. Rather, it recognizes […]