Moses Connects With His People

And Moses let down his guard as he spoke

To his people in his own voice:

I feel your frustration and I must tell you I too

I have experienced that feeling,

For I have wanted badly to join the young generation

In Canaan.

I wanted the Lord to rescind his decree and allow me

To pass with you.

He not only said no, but ordered me never

To discuss the subject with him again.

You know, there are times I feel desperate

About this still,

But then I remember how wondrous

Our one God is.

We may enjoy all the elements and nature around us,

But we need pray only to him in thanks

Through discipline we can jettison our polytheistic

Past and focus on our becoming

A special and unique people

Who loves and serves this one deity,

By following laws that will allow us

To survive from generation to generation.

How marvelous it is that these rules and commandments

Will outlive me and my siblings.

Recognize that I want only the best for you.

The leaving of Egypt will only matter

If we can choose the path

That allows us to prosper and

Experience a profound contentment.

I want you to choose this life

Instead of chasing after trash

And doing nothing but complain

To a God you will obey

Only if that God satisfies your selfish ends.

No wonder God has been so angry with you!

HIs impatience is rooted in your perpetually

Repeating the same errors in thinking and behavior.

Speaking for myself, I have grown exhausted

Having to be the intermediary between you and him.

Begging for mercy as yet another plague

Whisks away another ten thousand of your fellow Israelites.

What will you do when I am gone?

What if the Lord decides no longer

To hang out from his cloud

And never speaks to us again?

Will you continue to be like small children

And whine until all hours,

Or will you choose to act like responsible adults?

My people, for the next few weeks while I still live

I will serve you by reviewing  all that has

Transpired in a way I hope you will understand.

I will speak from my heart

And hope you will listen with yours.

Shema Yisroel….

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