One God of Israel, yes. Polytheist Canaanites, no.

Follow only the laws of the One God

Smash all altars to pagan gods

And destroy any Canaanite who builds one.

Eat nothing that is abhorrent, because 

It reflects  the disgusting unholy diet of Canaanites.

(For a complete list consult a priest)

Don’t let the Levites go hungry

Nor the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow

Observe the laws of remission:

When Jubilee rolls around

Make sure your freed kinsman has been furnished 

From the flock, the threshing floor and vat

So he can get started.

Remember you were once slaves in Egypt

And the Lord redeemed you.

Observe the festival of Passover in Abib (Nissan)

And let the Lord determine where the sacrifice will take place.

Eat no leavened bread during the festival.

Count off seven weeks and then count your blessings!

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