Watch what you vow!

According to the Torah

If you’re a man, every vow you make, shall stand.

If you are a young woman, still in your father’s house,

Your father can object on the day he finds out, and 

the vow shall not stand.This is not a policy based on sexism.

Rather, it recognizes the immaturity and vulnerability of youth.

If, you, a woman are married while the vow you’ve taken is in

And your partner objects on the day he finds out,

The vow shall not stand.

This promotes intimacy, for sharing with your partner

Sooner rather than later recognizes trust in the partnership.

But don’t mess around.

If your husband fails to object on the day he finds out,

The vow shall stand, for both of you are responsible now.

The same is true if you are a widow or a divorced woman

You are a mature woman of some experience and know the rules,

So whatever you vow shall stand.

Watch what you vow!

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