Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers contains timeless wisdom. It is a collection of ethics, honesty, and advice. But at its very beginning it tells us that even this part of Jewish life came from Sinai. All of that is part of Judaism.

The complete text of Pirkei runs from page 257 to 280 in the siddur Sim Shalom, published by the Rabbinical Assembly and The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism  

You can also go online and choose from any version. One is Wisdom of the Jewish Sages: A modern reading of Pirkei Avos by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro.  It is a nice clean translation.  It costs $30.00.  It’s published by Bell Tower Books only in hardcover.

There are other additions on Amazon Kindle, but the best is a later translation by Rabbi Shapiro which gives more notes, explaining the background of the text, as well as bios of the rabbis. There are also notes embedded in the text, which give you some analysis to react to. These you can access by clicking on the number in blue. This edition is published by Skylight Books and when I checked, had a kindle price of about $17.00.

There are six chapters of sayings by the sages, with each having about 20 sayings each.  For the book club meeting, see if you can find 5 to 10 sayings that you really like and would like to share with the group.  That should generate some nice discussion.

Have a great time with this text.  It’s one of the cornerstones of Judaism.

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