Susana Greenberg

In November the weather usually gets cooler Lakeside and US citizens start thinking about Thanksgiving. 

This November US citizens are thinking about the election and are praying mightily for a new president. 

This November our celebrating Thanksgiving will be quite different as everything has been different for the last eight months. This December celebrating a joyous Chanukah party will be very different. 

We are all very tired.  Many of us have compassion fatigue and/or COVID fatigue. An abrupt change in our lifestyle has been forced on us to stay alive, stay well. 

But the constant has been our Jewish Community. Yes, we have had to adapt to using zoom for all our get togethers. It’s a pain in the tusch, but it is the best healthy solution.
We continue with Friday and Saturday services; we continue celebrating holidays on zoom. We have learned to bake challah. Would we have done this 

BCE (before COVID era)? Would we have started a book club? Would we have started a telephone tree to check in with our members? Would we have had the opportunity to attend so many other High Holy Day Services globally BCE?

The Board still meets monthly and keeps the candle burning to ensure our shul is safe, our members are safe and thinking of ways to keep everyone connected in this disconnected time.  If you have ideas or needs not being met, please let us know. 

Send an email to   Let us hear your voice. 

We all look forward to the time when Michael and Maureen will be returning Lakeside. 

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