How to Renew your Membership


Go to our website:  

Click on the Membership tab, then click on the Membership Dues in the pull down menu to complete the membership form and pay via credit or debit card.


In Person: 

Cash, checks, credit or debit cards accepted.  
A fee will be added for the use of credit and debit cards to offset the expense to the Synagogue.  We can no longer accept US or CA cash.
Alternatively, contact Robin Hayden at or MXN cell 33 2607 0565 to arrange an in-person meeting.
Print out the membership enrollment form, complete it and bring it with you. 


Only pesos can be accepted.  Our bank will not allow us to deposit other currencies to our account.

Print out the membership enrollment form, complete it and bring it with you 

How to Write the Check:

Our bank is VERY particular about how the check is filled out:

  • It must be in dark blue or black ink
  • There cannot be any corrections made on the check
  • If the check is in pesos, it must be from a Mexican bank
  • Mexican banks now require you to call your bank to authorize the check.  Failure to do this may result in your check bouncing.  Check with your bank for their rules.
  • It must be made out exactly with the congregation’s full name without abbreviations:
  • Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation A.C.
  • The Spanish for a single membership of 6000 pesos is: Seis mil pesos
  • The Spanish for two memberships of 12,000 pesos is:  Doce mil pesos 

Direct Bank Transfer:

You will need to set this up with your bank directly.  They will need the following information:



CLABE 133180000066125279


ACCOUNT 6612527

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