Discipline maintains focus

No sooner had the Israelites defeated their foes


Then they decided to celebrate by fornicating with Moabite women.


God responded by inflicting yet another plague and hundreds died.


Pincus, Aaron’s grandson, picked  up a spear


And crying, “Enough of this self-sabotage,”


Pierced an Israelite and his Moabite lover.


The plague stopped and God praised Pincus


For understanding that the cycle of victory, 


Followed by undisciplined mischief could not stand.


Focus turned to naming Joshua, son of Nun 


As Moses’s successor with a worthy ritual.


With Eleazar, son of the departed Aaron,


In place as the Head Cohen,


The sacrificial calendar was reviewed,


With a precise focus not only on the daily sacrifice rituals,


But also on those rituals that marked special festivals each year.  


A full accounting of the animals to be sacrificed was made.


With that the parasha named for Pincus became a lodestar


For centuries to come.

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