So Who Knew?

Maureen Sullivan - Patti Glasner

So, Who Knew?

Sarah comes home from work an hour late. Nathan says to her: So, Sarah, what took you so long?

I had a little trouble with the car.

What kind of trouble?

Water in the carburetor.

Sarah, you don’t know a carburetor from a tail pipe. Let me go out and take a

look….So,where is the car?

In the lake.

Can you imagine two hours of jokes like this? We did it! Our first-ever Kosher Komedy and Kocktails event was a ridiculous success. We drank Manashevitz sangria, slid down Kosher wine shooters and laughed a lot. What a room filled with happy Jews all telling their favorite jokes. What could be better?

A special thanks to Patti for her Kocktails, Helena for her laugh meter, Lisa for her introduction, Michael Z. for moving furniture, Maureen for letting all these slightly tipsy people in her living room and to all the rest for making such a laughable afternoon.