September 12, 2016


Murder Mystery on the Last Train From Paris

Murder, mayhem and mistaken identity were afoot at the May social event, a live-acted murder mystery, organized by Have-A-Rah-Rah! committee member, Ann Lewis and held at her house.

The setting was somewhere in France just at the start of WWII, and all the action took place on our set – a sleeper train on which each suspect had a private compartment. Lucky for us, the train provided a butler and waitress to serve the passengers a light lunch, snacks and drinks on their mystery-filled journey.

Each passenger/suspect was given a role, and a dossier, including personal background info, some added facts and some lines. No two passengers had the same dossier. Parts included, a party girl, a countess, a military man, pilot, nobility, etc), During the journey, passengers, all suspects, of course, imparted and collected information and clues through interrogations by others. No One knew who the murderer was, or what was true and what was fudged.

At the end, passengers tried to guess who the murderer was. When all was revealed, no one had gotten it right. All the facts were there, but no one detected that the corpse was not who we thought she was – she was sitting right there with us, impersonating the true victim, and was the murderer after all.

Many thanks to Ann Lewis for providing everything and to all the good sports who dressed up and played the game.