September 12, 2016

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Your generous contributions allow us to improve various aspects of our community. We have several different funds:

  • Donations to the Operating Fund help offset non-budgeted expenses
  • Donations to the Lay Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund are confidential and an example would be helping a member in need
  • Donations to the Building Fund are for special improvements and upgrades (Ex. air conditioning, washer/dryer, office furniture)
  • Donations to the Cemetery Fund have been used for special landscaping
  • Donations to the new Yartzeit Board to memorialize a friend or family member
  • You also have the option to make a donation to your specific purpose (ex. books for the library, holiday torah covering, chair cushions, etc)

When you make a donation on our website, you will be prompted to fill in a form where you can specify a reason for your donation (anniversary, birthday, recovery, etc) and whether you want to dedicate the donation to honor someone’s death, birth, recovery. You will also have the choice of whether or to list your donation (not the amount!) to the community or remain anonymous.


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