Jewish Day Camp-July 12, 2019

The final date for adult Jewish day camp registration is July 12.  In this Google Form you will find that there are some new offerings and that we have dropped a couple of courses.  The first two questionnaires were surveys, this form is a registration.  Please everybody fill out the questions (again). 
I still can’t tell you the price for this day as I don’t know how many of you there are but I figure it will be around 250 pesos for the day including all three meals.  This is an approximation!  You can pay at the door as you walk in as by that time I should know how much it costs!  The food choices in the previous surveys were to be a vote, not a choice.  Except for those that requested vegan/kosher meals, the rest of us will enjoy a great chicken Sabbath meal. 
I am so pleased with the “staff” of people who volunteered to help and to teach.  As time went along, I found the workshops to be more and more interesting.
I hope you agree with me. 
Camp will be held on July 19 at 8:45 with a breakfast being served at that time.    
    • After eating and singing and a few SHORT words, we will begin the workshops
    • There will be 2 or 3 workshops in session at one time in the morning and 2or 3 workshops in session in the afternoon.  
    • Lunch will be around 12:00 noon
    • Music sung after lunch around the tables led by David Rosett and assisted by Laina Kipper.
    • Throughout the day there will be handicrafts to enjoy at your leisure.  Anita is going to lead us in Zentangles (picture to follow) as well as making felt hamsas and clay work making mezuzzahs.  You can take a workshop and/or just do handicrafts at your leisure.There will also be time to enjoy each other through conversation and table games and lawn games.  
    • Happy hour begins around 5:00PM  We will enjoy margaritas, beer, wine as well as ice tea,sparkling water
    •  and lemonade.
    • Shabbat dinner starts at 6:15PM.  Of course singing before, during and after our short service, then we dine together.  
    Know that I appreciate your interest.  If you know someone else who you think would be interested, pass this information on to him/her/them.  If you need to reach me, my phone number is 766-5441 and my email address is:

    With my best wishes, 

A little bit of information about Rabbi Arian who will be participating in Jewish Day Camp

“Rabbi Charles Arian is the rabbi of Kehilat Shalom, a Conservative synagogue in Montgomery Village, MD (a suburb of Washington, DC. In his 33 year rabbinic career he has also served as a Hillel rabbi, a think tank scholar, and spent a year living in a Trappist Monastery in Northern California. While serving in a non-pulpit position from 2001 – 2005, he was also the High Holiday Rabbi for the Nassau Jewish Congregation in the Bahamas. Rabbi Arian and his wife Keleigh (pronounced like “Kelly”) visited Ajijic in 2017, and during their visit he spoke at a Friday night service. The Arians have spent time in many different parts of Mexico and are looking at Ajijic as a possible retirement location.”

Rabbi Arian will be offering a session at the Jewish Day Camp.  In the  session  the structure and themes of one of the central sections of the prayerbook and what this hidden structure is trying to teach us will be discussed.  This section will help you understand both evening and morning services better.