September 12, 2016

Board of Directors

President: Joe Gottesman

Joe was in private practice in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Mesa Arizona for over thirty five years with special interests in sports medicine, pain management and electrodiagnostic medicine. Before making Chula Vista his permanent home five years ago, Joe lived intermittently between Arizona and Ajijic for twelve years.   Joe and enjoys travel, fine dining, kayaking and keeping abreast of medical developments.

Vice President:

This position is open.

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Treasurer: Michael Zimmerman

Michael, a wondering Jew found his tribe at LCJC in April 2016, when he moved from Larkspur, California. He has a son and grandchildren in California and a daughter in New York. Michael was a member of a Conservative synagogue in Marin County where he led and organized Jewish men’s groups and community building practices. For thirty five years he practiced Marriage, Family and Child therapy at San Quentin and in Marin County. While living in Sonoma, California in 1974, he and his wife built the first boutique brewery in the U.S. When not drinking wine from friend’s vineyards, they consumed New Albion Ale for eight years  before selling the recipe to Red Tail Ale brewery.

 Now he spends time playing golf, tennis, hiking, yoga, dancing, bridge, davening, writing and being grateful. Michael would like to encourage our Jewish community to write ethical wills, and learn more about Jewish Renewal.

Secretary: Mel Goldberg

Mel was born in Chicago and taught high school and college literature and writing in Los Angeles as well as Illinois. He was a Fulbright Exchange Teacher England.  When Mel retired and moved to Sedona, Arizona, he taught literature and writing at Yavapai College, and met his life partner, artist Bev Kephart. After a seven year RV odyssey throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico they moved here permanently in 2009 and became involved with the ex-pat artist and writing community.  He has published two novels and a book of short detective stories.

Mel’s involvement with LCJC is important because it gives him a sense of belonging to a community. Although he was raised orthodox, he feels most comfortable with the Conservative movement.

Lay Rabbi: David Rosett

David is the Prayer Leader at LCJC and lives with his wife Consuelo in Guadalajara. He teaches in the Modern Language Department at the University of Guadalajara.

Member at Large: Barbara Appel

Barbara and her husband Mike have been living Lakeside for seventeen years. They spend half the year in Lords Valley, Pennsylvania, where she volunteers at the public library and home deliveries for seniors. Barbara worked at the Department of Senior Citizens, where she monitored their programs. Barbara loves working with the LCJC community and has organized many memorable Hanukkah and Purim parties.

Member at Large:

This position is open.

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Member at Large: Tiena Gottesman

Tiena was born in Peoria, Illinois and resided in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1959 until moving to Ajijic five years ago.   She holds three patents, two in design and one utility patent. In addition to creating a perfume at Galamard in France, she has also published her photography and poetry.  Tiena was employed by MACOM, a government contractor, and worked on hybrid guidance systems. She also has experience in the accounting and medical fields, as well as modeling. Tiena  played baseball and enjoyed soccer and barrel racing and is interested in art, music, antiques, animals, sports, and gardening.

Member at Large: Sheila Turner

Sheila was born and bred in Brooklyn, New York and later spent fifteen years in Northern California before making her home on Lake Chapala eight years ago. She worked as a Paralegal in business and security law.  She wouldn’t be happier living anywhere else (except maybe San Francisco, but who can afford it?).

Member at Large: Maureen Sullivan

Maureen and her husband Michael have lived in Ajijic for five years. They spend half the year living near Stanford University in the Bay area of California. Before she retired, Maureen was the Director of the Kol Emeth conservative synagogue. She is now a glass artist.

Member at Large: Bob Shiffman

Bob was a career Naval Officer, then worked in industry until he retired.  He and Betty have been coming to Ajijic since 2006 and moved here permanently in 2016.  Prior to the move, they called Louisville, Kentucky home.


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