Dancing in the Streets

Dancing in the Streets
Get ready!  Members of the Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation will joyfully celebrate the gift of their new Torah on October 22, 2019.
Celebrants will gather at Pancho’s Deli on the Carretera at 11 a.m. before a rousing parade to deliver the Torah to its new home.  The Torah will be carried

So Who Knew?

Maureen Sullivan – Patti Glasner
So, Who Knew?
Sarah comes home from work an hour late. Nathan says to her: So, Sarah, what took you so long?
I had a little trouble with the car.
What kind of trouble?
Water in the carburetor.
Sarah, you don’t know a carburetor from a tail

Jewish Day Camp Recap

People are saying it was a wonderful day. 
Thirty people attended the first Jewish Day Camp of Lake Chapala!  People coming and going, most staying for the whole day.  Carol expected that all would be playing games either outdoors or indoors.  Not one game was played.  The morning classes competed for attendees in a

Dip, Drip and Sip! July 3, 2019

Let’s Dip, Drip & Sip!
Wednesday, July 3, 20192 p.m.
Hotel Monte Carlo, Chapala

Join the LCJC gang for a fun afternoon of swimming, schmoozing and noshing. The crystal clear pool and tree-filled grounds of the Hotel Monte Carlo are directly on Lake Chapala’s shore. There will be plenty of board games provided to play

Jewish Day Camp-July 12, 2019

The final date for adult Jewish day camp registration is July 12.  In this Google Form you will find that there are some new offerings and that we have dropped a couple of courses.  The first two questionnaires were surveys, this form is a registration.  Please everybody fill out the questions (again).  I still can’t tell you

A Brief History of Jews in Mexico

by Mel Goldberg
Probably arriving with the first Spaniards. Jews have lived in Mexico since the fifteenth century. Their history in Mexico may be divided into three significant time periods: the fifteenth, eighteenth, and twentieth centuries.
The first Jews arrived about thirty years after the start of the Spanish Inquisition, during which